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Recurring dream #1

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One of my recurring dreams always happens in Selkirk: The 7-11 is always involved, which is always altered some how. It usually occurs up and down Manchester Ave and Eveline Street, ending in my Uncle Jerry's house. Why I always dream about my uncle's house, and not the hosue I grew up in, I don't know, but I do. This time it had an extra floor. There were several monsters ravaging the town, including a giant duckling, and a giant mummy.

In another recurring theme in my dreams, I called 911, and nothing happened.

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On May 23rd, 2009 02:43 pm (UTC), mara295 commented:
Lemme give this a shot :)
The area you dream about is you, and all the things/people in it representations of the different aspects of your life. The monsters represent the things in your life that are unpredictable and uncontrollable, things you must deal with. You tried to call 911 and nothing happened because nobody else -can- help you with whatever wildcard issue those monsters represent. In your case, I'd say they are the kids (no, I don't think they're monsters :D) as children have a tendancy to turn one's life into a circus now and again. Mummies are old (Viola), ducklings are young (Roz). Because this 911 call doesn't happen each time, the source of your problems are not always the kids.

As for your uncle's house as opposed to the one you grew up in, was your uncle's house a place you could go to get away from things for a while? Perhaps you saw it as a "safe haven", or there was something about that household that you wish you had in your own home. Or, the area you dream of could simply be an area that you remember more clearly than your own end of town for one reason or another. Maybe there's a house there that you like.

And, 7-11 is a convenience store, and it morfs because the conveniences in your life--the things that make your life easier and more manageable--changes all the time.

Ok, I think that's it for now. How'd I do? :)
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On May 24th, 2009 06:19 pm (UTC), madfishmonger commented:
Clearly you need a giant mecha robot to deal with this issue.
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